FUZZ and DRIVE Series:

Fuzz Moo Analog Fuzz Box

Stompbox with a Kick!!
Analog Sustained Fuzzy Distortion:

Like any other MOEN Effects Pedal, the Fuzz Moo is designed with analog circuitry to ensure full processing and reproduction of the original signal without losing any details through digital sampling or processing. Very meaty with alot of headroom available. Kinda like an very early 70's Fuzz sound, but it is pretty flexible in acheiving different levels of raunch.

Note.. when I say it kicks back, I mean it. There is a lot of gain and fuzzy sustain to be had with the MOO.  When A/B'd in a studio against the Muff and some other well-known Fuzz boxes.... the Moo stomped all over them!! Very musical and workable Fuzz tones.

Here is a link to a sample of the MOO: http://www.moenfx.com/fm_sc2.html

Features at a Glance:
  • Great Classic Fuzz
  • Warm but powerful
  • Totally Analog

MO-VM  Violent Metal Heavy Tone Pedal

The Moen Violent Metal is a beast right from the first (power) chord. Great tone shaping options when you want to throw some sound down. Full EQ tone knobs for scooping the mids or tweak to taste. The VM will complement any amp configuration and will drive the smaller amps to sound much, much bigger. You can start to really move some air when you kick this in!
The VM features a specially designed "V" Type EQ circuit, with frequency knob adjustment. This is a mean little monster and a lot of tonal possibilities for the price. And as always True Bypass stomp switch.

Here's a bite of the Violent Metal:

Features at a Glance:
  • Hard and Heavy Sound
  • Full Tonal Adjustment with Mid adjustment 
  • Totally Analog
This is the brand new POWER DRIVE RUSHER

In the new Ulite series.

Moen have been quietly generating an industry buzz with their line of compact guitar stomp effects. Originating as a completely hand made line, these effects are still hand produced, but are now being manufactured to reach more players worldwide.Versatile, effective, and very affordable (and they look great too!) True Analog Phase tones the way it should be which colors the sound nicely and can compete with more well known (and much more expensive) vintage rivals.

Moen had been asked if they could produce effects that would easily fit pedal boards where space can be limited, as the Moen original casings are much larger and take up more space on pedal boards.

Moen has now responded with their excellent new Ulite series of effects which features full Analog tone in a much smaller casing that caters directly to pedalboard users. Moen has taken all their knowledge thus far and put it into this series. The new Ulite series features an excellent quality build throughout : Top loading inputs to save space, full metal casing, quality knobs, heavy duty stomp switch and True Bypass .

This is an extremely POWERFUL pedal in a small casing and packs a definite punch. Can take you through some aggressive blues tones to some sharper metallic metal tones to some massive outright power chording. The mode button defines the tone: The “RUSH” mode delivers the aggressive distortion while the “DYNA” mode brings out more transparency and harmonics. A wide gain and tone range is featured and makes it possible to capture many of the sounds of artists both past and present.

Get it all with the RUSHER!


Overdrive offers a smooth, natural analog overdrive similar to a cranked-up tube amplifier. The effect is incredibly transparent as it responds to individual playing dynamics and lets the true tone of your instrument shine through. Smooth,warm and natural overdrive... great for classic rock and punching up chords and solos. Put the OD in front end of any guitar amp, solid state or tube!

Here is a sample of the MO-OD Overdrive:

Features at a Glance:
  • Dynamic and Powerful
  • Level, Tone and Drive Control
  • Totally Analog


MO-DB Deep Blue
Deep Blue is perfect for a rock, blues or even a jazz guitarist. The overdrive controlled by the Drive knob produces the classic smooth harmonic sound traditionally associated with blues and jazz. The Tone knob allows the guitar player to suit his preference to a more bass or treble tone. The level is to crank it up where you end up close to metal territory. Alot of power and tone here ! From Blues Moans to all out crunch...Dig deep with the Deep Blue !

A little bite of the Deep Blue: http://www.moenfx.com/db_sc2.html

Features at a Glance:
  • Tube Overdrive Tone. (Excellent for all Overdrive applications from Blues to full-blown Rock. )
  • Level, Tone and Drive Control
  • Totally Analog

This is a little beast from the very first Chord. Gobs and gobs of Fuzzy Octave madness. Think the first chords of Space Truckin' as an example for chords. Lead work reminiscent of an Octavia. Maybe not for everyone, but for those who dare, alot of insane tonal possibilites here. Nice fit on the board and be ready for this one to take you for a ride.

I would start with the gain all the way and work your way up from there.

This thing will pump out the gain even at low settings and can throw out some pretty gnarly tones ! 

Features at a glance
  • Fuzz Octave w/intense tone.
  • Center LED
  • Volume, Gain and Tone control knobs.
  • Tough-built metal enclosure with Heavy Duty 3PDT metal stomp switch.
  • Size 4 1/2 " H x 2 3/4" W x 1 1/4" D

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